Jet pump Ratio Controller

pipjpr_mainJet pump Ratio Controller
Although the GladiatorĀ® can be adapted for use as a direct foam pickup nozzle it is specifically designed to be used with a remotely located jet pump proportioner. Jet pumps are eductors that use water to perform the work of pumping foam concentrate from drums, tote tanks or bulk tankers. The jet pump principle involves taking a high pressure water stream, accelerating it through a tapered nozzle (jet) to increase its velocity thus creating a nega- tive pressure area. Foam concentrate is drawn into this negative pressure zone through an inlet connection located on the side of the jet pump body. Clear flexible pickup hose is used for inducting foam concentrate from storage containers to the jet pump. The foam concentrate is mixed with the jet pump water stream at approximately a 60/40 ratio of foam to water. This 60% (rich) foam solution is then delivered to the Gladiator nozzle where it is thoroughly mixed and accurately proportioned into the water stream flowing through the nozzle.

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