Nozzle Foam Gladiator Self Inducing TriFlow

Nnoztri_mainozzle Foam Gladiator Self Inducing TriFlow
The Gladiator® Tri-Flow Nozzle is a self educting, adjust- able aspiration nozzle with three separate flow setting se- lections, variable proportioning valve, and a foam pickup tube with a quick connect attachment. The nozzle is de- signed for pickup capability, however, it can be operated without the pickup tube when discharging premixed foam solution or water only. The Gladiator® Tri-Flow provides excellent nozzle range, ease of operation, and superior foam quality. The Gladiator® Tri-Flow nozzle delivers foam qualities that make it suitable for use with protein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, and AR-AFFF foam concentrates.

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