Hydrant Adaptors BIC Machined to any Thread
UnQondo produces a full range of Adaptors, couplings & fittings

Branch Pipes / Nozzles

Lever Type Adjustable Nozzles
UnQondo Argus Multi Purpose Branch pipe is of the lever operation type which provides an economical solution to delivering Water or foam
Turbojet Type Nozzles
A whole range of Turbojet Nozzles are available from POK in France. Typical pistol grip, adjustable flow with shut-off.

Breathing Apparatus & Accessories from Spasciani

ffm_main Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask, Negative Pressure, with threaded connector to EN 148
Canisters for Full Face Mask
Combined filter with special snap-in connector for organic vapors
RN/ A 1603 FR Breathing Apparatus – Working Set
RN/ A 1603 FR is a type 2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus specifically designed for firefighting
SK1203 Breathing Apparatus – Escape Set
SK1203 is a self-contained open circuit air breathing apparatus incorporating a hood for escape (EEBD)

CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) MicroCAFS Germany

Micro CAFS 1 KL
MicroCAFS patented mixing valve used here in the 1000 L semi-fixed system. A bank of air cylinders is used to pressurize the system and produce finished foam.
Micro CAFS 50 L
MicroCAFS patented mixing valve used here in the 50 L mobile unit. A 6 L 300 Bar BA cylinder is used to pressurize the system and produce finished foam.


Couplings – Morris Type BIC
UnQondo produces a full range of Adaptors, couplings & fittings
Couplings – Stortz type
A full range of Stortz Couplings and Adapters are available in either aluminium or bronze/brass. Special threads are also provided.
Couplings – NST
A full range of NST Couplings and Adapters are available mainly in aluminium.

Compressors for Breathing Apparatus Cylinders

Compressors are manufactured by Nardi in Italy to European Standards. The range includes portable and fixed cascade systems. The drives are either petrol, diesel or electric.

BA Cylinder Recharging Compressor – Pacific
Click to view – Pacific
BA Cylinder Recharging Compressor – Atlantic
Click to view – Atlantic

Fire Extinguishers & Accessories

The standard range of CO2 Extinguishers are available either in steel or aluminium cylinders. Mobile systems are also available on trolleys.
Dry Chemical
The standard range of DCP Extinguishers are available in steel cylinders. Mobile systems are also available on trolleys, these are 25 Kg, 50 Kg, 75 Kg and customized trailor systems.
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Top Loader Vehicle Type
Fire Extinguisher cabinet provides superb protection to Hand Held Fire Extinguishers from weathering and theft. These are designed primarily for use in vehicles.

Fire Fighting Vehicles

Fire Fighting Vehicles
The range of Fire Fighting Vehicles are custom and designer engineered and built primarily as rural/farm/bush Fire Fighting Vehicles.

Fire Hose Reels

Swing Type
UnQondo Swinging Type Hose Reel is designed to deliver Firefighting water as a First Aid Firefighting solution. The unit is of the swinging type but fixed to the wall.

Fire Hose & Accessories

Delannoy – Type 3 Rubber hose
The hose is classified as a Type 3 Fire hose of the Covered / extruded type, conforming to BS6391. The hose conforms to other international standards.
UnQondo Argus Utility Type 2 Coated Fire Hose
An economical fire hose used mainly in industrial applications servicing Hydrant Hose Box stations.
UnQondo Argus Utility Type 1 Plain Fire Hose
An economical fire hose used mainly in industrial applications servicing Hydrant Hose Box stations.
Hose Washing Machine
Hose Washing Machine used for washing and managing fire hose.
Hose Ramps
The Unqondo Hose Ramp is used in Fire Scenarios where Vehicle movement over deployed fire hose is encountered. These are of the interlocking type for either 100mm or 64mm hose type.
Hose Repair System
This is a guaranteed method of repairing all true type 3 fire hose. The process is through double heat vulcanizing.
Hose Cabinets
UnQondo Hose Cabinet is designed to store Fire Hose and water spray accessories. These are available in steel and glass fibre.

Foam Concentrates

Firefighting Foam Concentrates
Unqondo’s facility in Gauteng houses the manufacture of Fomtec Foams for the Sub Saharan territory . This is under licence agreement. All Fomtec Foams are also compatible with current International Brands

Foam Making Equipment [Portable]

Foam Pourer – MX 200
The MX 200 foam branch produces a well mixed medium expansion foam.
Foam Branchpipe LX 200
The LX 200 foam branch produces is a low expansion foam nozzle, manufactured in full stainless steel.
Hi Expansion Foam Generators
The standard range of both portable and fixed HI-Expansion foam generators are available from POK. These are either of premixed type or for use in inline inductors.
Foam Pourer – MX 400
The MX 400 foam branch pipe produces medium expansion foam of high quality.
Hi Expansion Foam Generators & PPV Fan Combination
The Foam-Quick is an adapter for the Swefan 24″ that turns the PPV fan into a portable High Expansion foam generator.

Flow Test Equipment for Fire Hydrants & Fire Pumps

Flow Meter – Digital
Designed to give a DIGITAL FLOW readout and mains static pressure at the hydrant standpipe outlet
Flow Meter- Pitout Tube Type
The Hydrant Flow Gauge is universally used by Water Engineers and Fire Service Authorities in the appraisal of piped water supply for firefighting
Hydrant Pressure Tester/ Pump Pressure Tester
Is a unit designed to fit a BIC female connecter and will provide pressure readings under static, full flow and typical nozzle flow conditions.

HAZMAT- Hazardous Materials handling: Equipment

Decontamination Showers Portaflex
A multi-nozzle Portable Decontamination Shower designed to be both lightweight and robust.

Lighting systems & Generators

Emergency Lighting System
Emergency lighting systems working off a conventional petrol/diesel generator. The system works of an inflatable tower with the ability of illuminating 10 000 square meters. Unqondo manufactures these units under licence to suit local conditions.

Ladders- Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Ladders – 464 Sacol Type UK
Full range of NFPA approved ladders are also available.

Marine Fire Fighting Systems & Equipment

Design & Supply of Marine Fire Fighting Systems
FFS in Norway manufactures specialist Marine Firefighting Systems entailing Sea Water Pump, monitors and foam proportioners.

Positive Pressure Ventilators / PPV Fans

Unifire: Manufacturers of High Performance Equipment
Click to view a catalog of Positive Pressure Ventilators / PPV Fans made in the USA

Pumps Portable: Fire Fighting

Portable Fire Fighting Pump PFP 600
UnQondo Portable Fire Fighting Pump PFP 600L DTW-H is a centrifugal Type Pump fitted to a wrap around carry frame with Handles for ease of handling and management
Portable Firefighting pumps Max flow 18
Ideally suited for municpal brigades and other similar applications.
Portable firefighting pumps Max Flo 40
Ideally suited for municpal brigades and other similar applications.

Pumps Portable: Floating Pumps

Floto 600 Kit
UnQondo Floating Pump FLOTO 600 is a centrifugal Type Pump fitted to a LDPE Float and Wrap over carry frame with Handles for ease of handling and management.

Rescue Tools – Hydraulic & Pneumatic

Hydraulic Rescue tools by Lancier in Germany
A full range of hydraulic rescue equipment is available. These are manufactured and conformed to the EN and NFPA standards.
Pneumatic Air Chisel Kit
Superior Pneumatics’ Safety Rescue Kit with various permutations. These operate with 8 bar pressure or from conventional BA Cylinder.

Rescue Equipment – Accessories and General

Salvage Sheet
Salvage sheets are generally used by emergency personnel essentially for salvage and rescue operations.
Larkin Rescue Frame
The Larkin Rescue Frame from Spelean is designed and constructed to give rescue personnel the maximum versatility for the minimum weight and cost.

Safety Equipment / PPE

Rescue Helmets – A 10
A full range of Rescue Helmets is available from Pacific Helmets NZ
Fire Fighting Helmets – F 10
A full range of Fire Helmets is available from Pacific Helmets NZ

Skid Units

Unqondo Skid Unit UHP 100
The UHP 100 is a 100 Bar high pressure firefighting skid unit with or without foam making abilities. Units can be customized in all aspects.
UnQondo – Grass Fire Fighting Skid Units – High Pressure
These are 40 bar systems with various permutations.


Fire Fighting Trailer
Unqondo is a licensed Trailer manufacturer with Full engineering Facilities for any customized Build.

Water Spray Equipment

Phantom Pumps
A whole range of phantom Pumps are available with various coupling configurations.
Monitors – Portable & Oscillating
A range of portable Ground Monitors and Oscillating are available from POK in France. These typically flow up to 4500 L/Min with various nozzle configurations, either with foam or without.
Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure relief valves are available for both potable and fixed systems use where the water pressure has to be reduced for safe operating.

Fixed System Equipment – Foam & water


HydroFlo Monitor
UnQondo FOMTEC Hydro-flo Monitor is designed to deliver Volumes of water or foam on to any Risk from a distance.
Goepfert Hyflo 6500
UnQondo GOPFERT Hyflo 6500 Monitor is designed to deliver high volumes of water or foam on to any Risk from a distance.
UM 80 Monitor
UnQondo UN80 Hand Controlled Monitor is an economical and light weight Monitor designed to deliver water or foam on to any Risk from a distance.

Monitors: Fixed, Oscillating & Remote Control

Oscillating Monitor
Full range of hand operated, oscillating and remote controlled monitors are available with various nozzle and foam cannon configurations. These can be fed either via self inducing foam systems or CFI Systems.

Nozzles (Fixed and General)

Low Velocity Nozzles CCAY
Spray Nozzles
Matre Pop-Up Nozzle
Matre Pop-Up Nozzle is designed for installation on helicopter deck or other areas that needs surface protection

Nozzles (Monitor – Water and foam)

Flexi Nozzle Monitor
The large models of the nozzle operates as a fixed monitor with water capacity up to 4000 LPM and reaching a length of 60 m when in jet position and with water/foam solution.
Nozzle Monitor BPN
Click to find out more about Nozzle Monitor’s
Nozzle Foam Gladiator Self Inducing TriFlow
The Gladiator® Tri-Flow Nozzle is a self-educing, adjustable aspiration nozzle with three separate flow setting selections, variable proportioning valve, and a foam pickup tube with a quick connect attachment. In essence this nozzle can provide aspirated foam with self-inducing abilities and water only. All these facilities are controlled at the nozzle.

Fixed Inline Inductors

Inline Inductors – Fixed Type
A range of fixed inline inductors are available. These range from 40 mm up to 150 mm with flows up to 1100 L/Min for constant flow devices.

Foam Systems – Mobile

UnQondo FOMTEC Monitor Trolley
UnQondo FOMTEC Monitor Trolley is designed to deliver Volumes of water or foam on to any Risk from a distance.

Port Inductors and Proportioners (Hi Flo)

Jet pump Ratio Controller
Jet Pump Ratio Controllers are available for Hi Flo monitors and foam cannon/monitors.
Portable Inductor MDL
POK manufacturers a series of portable inductors ranging from 200 L to 450 L and up to 900 L/Min. these are provided with standard BIC connecters and pick-up tube.

Sprinklers – Foam

Foam water Sprinkler
Low expansion foam sprinklers for typical sealing application are available. These are of the open head type

Storage Tanks

Foam Concentrate Storage tanks
Foam concentrate storage tanks of the atmospheric type are manufactured to individual needs. These are typically in stainless steel or polyethylene. Tanks are manufactured with full trim for fixed systems application.

Tank Protection Equipment

Tank Top Foam Pourer
Fixed foam protection equipment for both fixed and floating roof tanks are available with various flow configurations to suit the standards requirements.


New Variable Flow Foam Proportioners (Matre)
Matre Turbine In-line Foam Proportioners are known for their reliability accuracy and efficiency Based on the concept of a “Large Elbow”, the proportioner is fitted with a built in Pelton wheel which drives a Positive displacement Pump. This replaces other conventional pumped systems as a economical and efficient variable flow proportioning systems. These systems are alot easier to install and maintain.
Variable Flow Foam Proportioners
Conventional variable flow foam proportioners are used together with foam pump and other components to form a foam proportioning system. These have the ability of proportioning foam at 3% and 6% strength, adjustable at the proportioner. Also available is The Wide Range Proportioner with flows starting at 180 L/Min.